In Usher & Spur, two experiences come together with one goal

the experience of an industrial buyer

...who knew how long, how convoluted and how imperfect buying decisions, especially technology buying decisions, can be, and who deplored the lack of relevant, usable information to support that decision at various stages.

the experience of a tech marketer 

...who had strived to provide technical and technology field sales and business development personnel with the tools they needed to help their customers buy, and that also supported the credibility and reputation of the company.

the goal

To produce customer-oriented, sales-enabling communications. 

It sounds simple. But often, clients lacked the strategic groundwork necessary to define the basic premises on which compelling arguments are founded: 

  • Customers targeted and their concerns
  • Objective of communication
  • Messages to be conveyed

(COM, geddit?)

And so Usher & Spur developed an offering of tools and services to help B2B companies, particularly young, technology-based companies, in need.

They are built around the belief that “Understanding is the key to effective engagement”. When understanding of your customer, understanding of your market and your place in it, and understanding of compelling communications come together, you can hit your target and guide them where you want them to go.

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