How to map the customer journey


This extremely clear article from the Content Marketing Institute explains in terms everyone can relate to what we mean by "customer journey", and provides a template for creating one of your own. There are many articles that talk about customer journey mapping, but this one caught our eye because: 1) It admits that "there isn’t just one way to do it. You do it in the context of your project”; 2) Its approach is not based on the sales funnel, but "answers this question: What does this persona want to do?" i.e. what do they "want to accomplish as they interact with a brand?"

Why are those two things important to us?

In the first instance, we like it when experts admit that there is no unique method. To get the most out of an analytical exercise, it's important to do things in a way that's comfortable for you. Some people like mindmaps, some like spreadsheets, some like bubbles. The only proviso is that, as a tool to align your entire company, other people should be able to easily understand it.

In the second instance, we like the customer-centricity of this approach. If you can put yourself in the shoes of the Faye Weaver and Lila Chan of the article's example, you can get in the skin of your own customers.

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