The quality of written content makes a difference


This article from Marketing Profs references a study by content platform Acrolinx investigating whether the quality of writing in content is important or not. The difference between poorly written content and well written content is clear, with the high-quality content having at least twice the positive impact of the low-quality writing.

What can we conclude from that?

When developing written communications for our customers, we need to be able to strike a balance between genuine subject matter expertise, where in-house experts contribute their knowledgeable viewpoint, and engaging content that can be easily understood by your customers and other target audiences.

In small companies, it's common for people to wear many hats and/or roll up their sleeves to do a bit of everything. We need to be aware of asking marketing people to do too much. An outside expert eye to proofread at the very least, copyedit and advise on how to optimize conversion preferably, can be the small investment on an ongoing basis that can really pay off.

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