5 features to make a knockout B2B website


Usability gurus The Nielsen Norman Group produced this great article based on their usability research. They take actual users to test hundreds of websites with different configurations to figure out what layouts, features and content work best.

While we love the insight they provide us with, we agree their language can be a bit dry. Here's what they recommend, with a few additional explanations from us:

  • 1. "Content Must Support Long Purchase Decisions" - Your prospective customers are on a buying journey. Whatever stage they're at, whatever questions and information needs they have at that stage, your website should provide them with answers. This section is a detailed how-to for your content marketing.
  • 2. "Integration, Compatibility, and Regulatory Information Needs to Be Clear" - You're probably part of an ecosystem. You might do a particular thing really well, but chances are your product is going to be used in conjunction with others. Make it easy for buyers to understand how you fit in to that ecosystem.
  • 3. "Content Should Speak to both "Choosers" and "Users"" - We usually refer to "choosers" as decision-makers, and "users" as influencers. They need different information, and this section gives excellent tips on what to provide.
  • 4. "Complex Pricing Requires Realistic Scenarios" - Like consumers, B2B buyers like to get an idea of how much something costs upfront. This is particularly important in light of the previous section: users are often the ones that research potential solutions, and that includes pricing information.
  • 5. "Speak to Different Customer Segments and Scales of Businesses Without Alienating Audiences" - Different segments have different needs, so if you give customers information that's irrelevant to them, you risk losing them. There are different ways of ensuring different types of customer get the information they need, and this section discusses the pros and cons of each.

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