The 3 pillars of the B2B website

Your website is the communications hub for your company. Customers, both existing and prospective, but also employees, both current and potential, investors, the media, and other interested parties, come to find the information they need. Yet, building or redesigning a website is often thought of in terms of how you can get the information out there.

We found this article for you that takes a look at the 3 pillars of a successful B2B website:

  • Brand or, more accurately, visual identity: the colours, layout, fonts and pictures used to represent your company and convey your information
  • Content or the website's text: what you say, how you say it, and what that says about your company
  • UX (user experience) or making it easier for your visitors to find the information they need

We like this series of posts because they're written in a very approachable way and give lots of real-world examples.

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