Can you feel your customers' pains?

My father, a successful salesman, used to say, "If a potential customer contacts you, they want to buy. There might be a dozen reasons they end up not buying, but the desire is there." In B2B sales, most experts would agree that a major reason they don't buy is it's easier to do nothing. If what you offer can kill a pain your customer has, you stand a better chance of getting their attention. If you can convince them that pain is critical, you can move them through your pipeline.

In this post, we offer two articles to help you really understand what we mean by customer pains.

  • This one from does a good job of explaining the difference between a "painkiller" and "vitamin", with real-life examples.
  • This one from B2B sales specialists Inflexion Point gives us pointers in how to evaluate what level of pain the customer is feeling, and how to move that pain up the scale so the customer is willing to do what it takes to soothe it.

Orienting your approach around customer pains doesn't just pay for attracting financing and closing sales, it's also key for generating leads and nurturing them.

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