10 attributes for About Us pages that impress


According to this blog post from marketing platform Hubspot, the About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. With that in mind, it presents 10 real examples and details why they're great. It even ventures that "By the end of this post, showing off your company's greatness won't seem like such a challenging feat." Hmm...

While we love the examples Hubspot picked and their analysis of the pages in question, we think the list of attributes that result from their examples is, in fact, pretty daunting. Even though they suggest you only need to incorporate elements of these sites, you might find it hard to choose which ones. In brief, a great About Us page:

  • tells a story
  • is human
  • skips the business babble
  • is unique and visually interesting
  • breaks the mould
  • lets customers do the talking
  • lets employees do the talking
  • is unexpected
  • is lovable and memorable
  • shows, tells and has a soundtrack

Here's what we think. We definitely second telling a story and, to find yours if you don't have a ready-made one, we suggest you "Start with why".

Once you've got that, being human can be as easy as including a few pictures of your team instead of screenshots of your product. Letting your customers or employees do the talking is also part of that, but as with all communication, you may want to think about who your target audience is first.

Several of the above attributes revolve around presentation. Skipping the business babble is a must for us here at Usher & Spur, but being unexpected or breaking the mould might not necessarily appeal to your B2B target audience. Don't forget that an About Us page should be geared to more audiences than your other pages. The bulk of your website might be aimed at customers, but your About Us page is likely to be visited by potential employees, investors and the press, as well as customers.

Click here to see Hubspot's examples.

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