Is social media for my company?

Social media can be a confusing channel to navigate when you're not a digital native. If you're wondering whether you need social media or not, we've rounded up a few articles to help you make up your mind.

  • This article from Canadian Business says, "Forget followers: not every company needs to be on social media." Here are some quotes. You can read the entire article by clicking here.
“A lot of people jump in thinking it’s going to be a quick, easy fix,” says Lowell Brown, CEO of Toronto-based marketing firm Going Social. He adds that companies often misread how—and, indeed, whether—their clients use social, causing them to spend time and money chasing business that might never materialize.
“So many companies are on social media without any return,” says Marc Gordon, a Thornhill, Ont.-based marketing expert and public speaker.
Recent research suggests that the link between social audiences and paying customers is disjointed. 
  • This article from marketing guru Mark Schaefer says that's because people are comparing apples and pears, not apples and apples. Content marketing distributed through social media is a long-haul process. Here are some extracts. Read the full analysis by clicking here.
If you are comparing your social media and content marketing efforts to traditional advertising results, it is probably the wrong comparison.
A more likely analogy is the success you might be having at a networking event or trade show. You have to show up a lot before people begin to recognize you, know you, trust you and eventually buy something.
It might take years to really see the pay off. 
  • This article from the Digital Marketing Institute has excellent pointers for deciding which social media suit you best. We've highlighted some points we think are salient. For further considerations, such as how to manage them, click here.
From a B2B perspective, LinkedIn is renowned for being a champion in social media lead gen, whether it’s through joining groups and participating in discussions, or searching with advanced filters.
you need to consider where your audience is interacting online
Equally important as analyzing the channels your target audience adopt is taking into account what social media accounts your competitors are managing.
there is a variety of different content formats – some of which will complement your business goals and brand identity, and some which won’t. In turn, certain content formats will be more suited to particular social channels than others.
  • Finally, there's the social selling aspect to consider. Not sure what that is? Click here to get 10 definitions from experts (our favourite is just below). Salesforce even has a mini guide to social selling for you to evaluate whether you could gain from it. We've extracted some key quotes below.
Social selling is my ability to listen to your conversation, engage you on topics that are of interest to you and provide you with great content on that subject that will ultimately lead you to doing business with me.
Today, however, winning organisations are increasingly using social tools throughout the sale. Whether you’re leveraging your professional network on LinkedIn for sales prospecting or building your Twitter following to build up relationships within the industry you’re selling to, social selling is a powerful tool to have in your sales arsenal. 
Social tools don’t just help you monitor the competition. They show you what your customers are doing and saying too, offering precious insights into issues you’d fail to spot by any other means. Proactively address those issues, and you stand to save both you and the customer a costly break-up.

Remember social media is a channel. To use it to say something, you have to have something to say. And everyone in your company should be saying the same things. You need a strategy that aligns at least your Sales and Marketing people, and preferably your C-suite.

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