SEO roundup - top tips for improving ranking

Nothing beats calling in search engine professionals. They stay abreast of the developments in search engines and have multiple cases and lots of time to test what works and what doesn't. But there are things you can get into the habit of doing yourself. In this post, we at Usher & Spur would like to share a few good SEO finds with you.

How to improve website lead gen forms

Taking a short break from our 6 B2B SMB problems series, and following on from our posts on getting leadswe take a look at how to build and improve the lead generation forms on your website. We've curated a few articles from some renowned experts in the field and summarized the key points for you.

6 B2B SMB problems and how to fix them - no. 4 - Unclear value prop

(6-min read) Continuing our series of blog posts on the six major problems of B2B SMBs that we at Usher & Spur have identified, we look at "People don't know what we do". We get this a lot. And it's a simple one to fix. Because, if people don't understand what it is that you're trying to sell them, you're not telling them in the right way. Read on to find out how to fix this.

6 B2B SMB problems and how to fix them - no. 1: Differentiation

(3-min read) At Usher & Spur, we've identified six major problems B2B SMBs have. Over the next few weeks, we'll be covering these problems in no particular order in a series of posts. Today's problem is: "People don't understand why we're better." In other words, they don't understand why they should buy your solution rather than some other company's.

3 steps to killer content

(5 1/2-min read) To succeed, you need to have a goal. Is your goal to get companies to buy your product or service? Then you need to provide them with information that will help them do so. Information that has a substantial impact in their decision-making might be called ‘killer content’. But what makes it ‘killer’?

The 3 pillars of the B2B website

Your website is the communications hub for your company. Customers, both existing and prospective, but also employees, both current and potential, investors, the media, and other interested parties, come to find the information they need. Yet, building or redesigning a website is often thought of in terms of how you can get the information out there.

Can you feel your customers' pains?

My father, a successful salesman, used to say, "If a potential customer contacts you, they want to buy. There might be a dozen reasons they end up not buying, but the desire is there." In B2B sales, most experts would agree that a major reason they don't buy is it's easier to do nothing. If what you offer can kill a pain they have, you stand a better chance of getting their attention. If you can convince them that pain is critical, you can move them through your pipeline.

The quality of written content makes a difference

This article from Marketing Profs references a study by content platform Acrolinx investigating whether the quality of writing in content is important or not. The difference between poorly written content and well written content is clear, with the high-quality content having at least twice the positive impact of the low-quality writing.