Email marketing - best practices for getting it right

(4-min read) The chances are you're already doing email marketing in some form or another. Perhaps you're sending out a newsletter to your customers. Perhaps you conduct regular campaigns to plug new products or encourage subscription renewal. Perhaps you use it to provide prospects with further information on your product or service. If you're reading this, perhaps you're not getting the results you hoped for. Here at Usher & Spur, we've gathered a few articles to help you.

6 B2B SMB problems and how to fix them - no. 6 - lack of direction

(4-min read) The final problem in our series is usually told to us as "We're having trouble marketing our product (or service)". We understand. There are so many directions out there, it's difficult to know what path to go down, or where to spend your money. Yet, it's important to have a clear idea of where you're headed. If you don't want to get lost.

6 B2B SMB problems and how to fix them - no. 5 - lack of credibility

(5 1/2-min read) And we're back... to our series dealing with the six problems we've identified in our work with B2B SMBs. Often heard from startups, and new entrants into a market, it's "Our potential customers don’t know they need us." Variations include: "We’re way ahead of the curve", and "our potential customers are stuck in a time warp". We get it. Your potential customers aren't buying your product or service, even though what you're offering is better than the competition, and you've worked hard on your value proposition to clearly show what problem you solve and how this differs from what's out there. What if your problem is just that you're an unknown quantity?

How to improve website lead gen forms

Taking a short break from our 6 B2B SMB problems series, and following on from our posts on getting leadswe take a look at how to build and improve the lead generation forms on your website. We've curated a few articles from some renowned experts in the field and summarized the key points for you.

6 B2B SMB problems and how to fix them - no. 4 - Unclear value prop

(6-min read) Continuing our series of blog posts on the six major problems of B2B SMBs that we at Usher & Spur have identified, we look at "People don't know what we do". We get this a lot. And it's a simple one to fix. Because, if people don't understand what it is that you're trying to sell them, you're not telling them in the right way. Read on to find out how to fix this.

6 B2B SMB problems and how to fix them - no. 3 Not enough leads - part 2

(6 1/2-min read) At Usher & Spur, we've identified six major problems B2B SMBs have. The third problem in our series is "We're not getting enough leads", which is another way of saying that you can't manage to grow your sales. In part 1, we examined the role of digital marketing and what to consider before bringing an internal resource on board. In part 2, we look at the pros and cons of hiring an external agency to stimulate sales growth.

6 B2B SMB problems and how to fix them - no. 2: Lead quality

(5-min read) At Usher & Spur, we've identified six major problems B2B SMBs have. Over the next few weeks, we'll be covering these problems in no particular order in a series of posts. Today's problem is: "Our leads aren't high quality." In other words, you're not reaching people who are interested in buying your product or service in the near future.

10 attributes for About Us pages that impress

According to this blog post from marketing platform Hubspot, the About Us page is one of the most important pages on your website. With that in mind, it presents 10 real examples and details why they're great. It even ventures that "By the end of this post, showing off your company's greatness won't seem like such a challenging feat." Hmm...