6 B2B SMB problems and how to fix them - no. 3 Not enough leads - part 2

(6 1/2-min read) At Usher & Spur, we've identified six major problems B2B SMBs have. The third problem in our series is "We're not getting enough leads", which is another way of saying that you can't manage to grow your sales. In part 1, we examined the role of digital marketing and what to consider before bringing an internal resource on board. In part 2, we look at the pros and cons of hiring an external agency to stimulate sales growth.

What works in B2B lead generation

At the end of 2016, DemandWave asked 179 US-based B2B marketers about their digital marketing. MarketingProfs published some of the main findings from the survey relating to what channels, what content, and what social media platforms generate the most leads for them. Let's have a look at those results.