"Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet."

Kevin Stirtz - Author of "More Loyal Customers"


buying trends

Analyzing what and how customers are buying is a good way to assess whether your offering fits their bill and, if it doesn't, to figure out how to talk to customers in terms of that bill.

In 2013, TelePacific Communications, a provider of managed services, wanted to revamp its managed security product to respond to current customer concerns. We were mandated to identify key trends and drivers in IT security buying, as well as any significant opportunities. Locating publicly available but updated research, we identified the trends and motivations behind them, carried out a gap analysis to identify opportunities and reported our findings in a 14-page slide deck.

Research, analysis and reporting by Usher & Spur

Research, analysis and reporting by Usher & Spur


positioning statement

TrackTik Inc. is a young company designing and providing software for the security workforce and incident management industry. When we worked together in 2015, they were struggling to position their solution which leverages NFC technology on mobile phones.

Our analyses showed an opportunity to differentiate from the competition by targeting an audience of security sellers, whose greatest barrier to adoption was fear of technology. With a clear promise of increased insight and control, TrackTik killed pains and allayed fears. With the additional assurance of reduced risk over existing and new business, the company offered gains.

The tagline, Your Sixth Sense, evoked the insight and control, along with the ease of use.

Positioning, messaging and copy by Usher & Spur

Positioning messaging and copy by Usher & Spur